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Who can message me?

In order to message someone, the person will have to sign in. This ensures that random users are not able to and that you have a direct method of contact.

Can I remove my post after publishing?

You can definitely delete a post. All you have to do is cli
ck on the three dots on the side of the post. Then a menu will come up and you can delete it there. you can also edit a post after it is posted by doing the same thing, but clicking on the edit option.

Do I need to register in order to comment in a forum?

You do need to register in order to post in a forum and to comment on other posts. You will need to use an email of your choice to sign in. This is only required in order to make sure that all posts can be tracked and that only real users can comment.

How can I get in contact with a user?

On a post, there is also the users profile in the top left. If you click on the name, the profile will show up. Then you can either follow the user, or comment to them. This makes a private chat pop up where you can ask them and coordinate when the equipment can be handed off.


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